Class Schedule

Introduction to Essential Oils & Medicine Cabinet Makeover

There are times that we get sick or need a boost, essential oils can help! Give your medicine cabinet a makeover! Come learn how essential oils can help aid your body in healing. With Certified Pure Essential Oils, the chemical constitues are measured for potency and purity making your results very predictable. Experience the difference and see how these oils facilitate healing versus medication.

Class Dates:

Sunday, November 13th @ 3pm

Tuesday, November 29th @ 7pm

PLEASE RSVP to or send me a text: 585-230-6232.


Mommy Wine & Healthy Eats Night

Saturday, November 26th @ 7:30 pm

Join me at my house for a fun night of sharing your favorite gluten free/paleo/refined sugar free appetizers as we talk all things mommy. I will be behind the counter whipping up some cauliflower and zucchini pizza as we share healthier versions of our favorite treats.


Charlotte Water & Air Launch Party

My husband and I took our passion for healthy drinking and clean air to the next level and opened up Charlotte Water & Air. We are having our LAUNCH party in December. We are inviting our friends and neighbors to our home for a celebration as well as an informal educational talk about what is in our water and air that could be harming our immune systems. Special prizes and promotions will be announced!

Please check back for our official launch date and to RSVP.


Host a PARTY and get FREE gifts! 


Gather your friends together and let me come to you with a fun and informative essential oil class. I will walk you through the history of oils and how they are natural, safe and effective. You will then get to experience them first hand as we dive into the three different ways to use them. I will be giving out some prizes and working with each of you to find ways to improve your health and daily routine.