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My GOAL is to educate and share my knowledge and experience.
  1. Client Spotlight – Christine Burke

    The Well-Nourished Artist Working with Christine was a lot of fun! She had a lot of ideas but wasn’t sure how to mold them all into her book.  Through our conversations and my sketching, we were able to incorporate her paintings, artwork, and ideas into an attractive and easy to read book. On the front and back covers I incorporated fruits and vegetables into the design to tie together her... Read More

  2. Client Spotlight: Heather K. Terry

    ‘Broadway to Wall Street: Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur Do you like chocolate? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? It gets rid of those pesky sugar cravings and is filled with healthy antioxidants. Chocolate is Heather K. Terry’s business. She founded NibMor chocolate, which makes delicious, natural chocolate squares. Non-GMO, fair trade goodness. But Heather started her career on the stage, not in the kitchen, as a Broadway hopeful... Read More

  3. Covers that Sell!

    Remember–customers DO judge a book by their cover, which is why it is SO important to have a book cover that rocks! Check out our latest webinar that gives you the top 5 tips to an Award-Winning cover so you can sell more copies, increase your expertise and feel really, really good about your masterpiece! Click Here for the Webinar Recording Tip #1 – Images set the Mood & Tone... Read More

  4. Go Beyond the Book

    While browsing Amazon for a healthy Easter gift for my son, I came upon the books “Duck & Goose by Tad Hill”. I immediately fell in love! The Easter version that I spotted was not going to make it to us in time. So, my immediate next step was to find out if they offered more books with these cute looking characters. Searching “Duck and Goose” turned back a lot... Read More