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I am so proud of my clients and the messages they are sharing with the world.

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James M. Luongo, CLU, CHFC
A Comprehensive Guide to HEALTH and WEALTH Management
Services: cover design & interior layout

“When I finished writing my book and was ready to publish it, I felt overwhelmed and realized that I needed help in completing it. So I hired Amie to do the book cover design and the interior design. I had no idea how much was involved in the design, especially the interior design, since I found out that it is a process that takes time to get it just right, so I am so glad that I hired Amie and did not attempt to do it on my own. Working with Amie has been a pleasure. She was always very patient and responsive, even though this might not have been the easiest project she has taken on. I am extremely happy with the end results of my book and would highly recommend Amie to any book writer.”



Michele Jazzalyn Rossi
Journey Beyond the Plate
Services: cover design & interior layout

“Amie did a fabulous job designing the cover and interior of my book. She listened to my desires, provided guidance, and helped to capture the spirit of my book in images and text. Also, she made sure that my design was eye-catching and captured the author’s message. Working with Amie was an enjoyable experience. She is kind and professional.Amie consistently completed tasks as promised and her turnaround time is stellar. I had a tight budget when it came to self-publishing my book; however, I knew that a professional layout was critical to capturing the attention of my target market. Amie’s design work contributed to my book being selected by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Launch Your Dream Book Top 10 Author Contest , class of November 2017! My book is part of a series, and I plan to use Promoting Natural Health, LLC. for my future books. I highly recommend the services of this company.”


Christine Burke
The Well-Nourished Artist
Services: cover design & interior layout

“Amie is absolutely fabulous to work with. She designed the front cover and the interior for my book The Well Nourished Artist. I went into the project with very few ideas but Amie guided me the whole way. For the front cover, I only a painting I had created. I was very impressed with how quickly she came up with ideas and created my front cover, yet she gave me choice throughout the whole process.
I had no idea what I wanted to do with the interior of my book. Being a right-brained artist I am not too savvy when it comes to technology and design, however, she supported me and was very patient with me. I love how she gets to know you and your personality and then adds little touches throughout your book.
Amie’s personality makes you feel very comfortable. She is personable and down to earth, yet professional and very efficient. She answered all my emails and questions very quickly.

I have more books in the works and wouldn’t use anyone else for the job.

I am grateful I chose Amie to do my design work”


Karen Azeez
The Kindfulness Solution
Services: cover design & interior layout

“Amie is a true partner in your publishing journey. Not only is she a talented graphic artist and skilled designer, she will stand by you through the ups and downs, twists and turns of getting your book done – and she won’t rest until your vision is complete. With so many choices to make in self-publishing, choosing to work with Amie to is one you won’t doubt for a second!”




Keri Lappi
Services: cover design

“Working with Amie from Promoting Natural Health was an absolute pleasure. She is the perfect juxtaposition of personable and professional. She really listens to you and what you want and makes it better than you can imagine. When I started with my book cover, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted, but I had a feeling for something and she translated what was in my head to pushing me out of my comfort zone and making it more than I dreamed of! She even went above and beyond to help me when I had an unusual problem with page numbering and helped me fix it!

It was with her help and talent that earned my book the recognition of becoming one of the winners of the top ten contest in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s book course. She has a natural eye for high quality graphic design. Her work speaks for itself! If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, jump on it. It was a fantastic experience and she will always be my go-to for any future book cover design. I highly recommend her for all of your graphic design needs!”

Alex Hadassah Anzalone
Using Gemstones to Connect with Your Superpowers!
Services: interior design & interior layout

“I loved working with Amie. She really understood my vision and brought it to life. Amie is a professional, is responsive and flexible, works fast, and produces gorgeous work. She is also deeply caring and was such a joy to work with. I feel extremely fortunate to know Amie and cannot wait to work with her again!”

Linda McClead
Healthy Living by Design
Services: cover design & interior layout

“Amie was an absolute godsend. Finding Promoting Natural Health, LLC was meant to be. While trying to put the finishing touches on my book, I was going through a health crisis with a family member.mI was so overwhelmed with life in general and attempting to stay with my publishing time guidelines. Amie went over and above the call of duty and got me through to achieve my dream of publishing my book. Her professionalism and ability to grasp exactly what I wanted my book to look and feel like was amazing.I was pleased beyond measure with the final product.”

Suzy Harmon
Hungry For Health, Starved For Time
Services:  editing, cover design & interior layout

“What great luck I had, finding Promoting Natural Health, LLC and getting to work with their amazing team to get my very first book published! Working with Amie and Amanda made this process so easy, and they were fabulous to work with. They responded to all of my requests promptly, and always provided wonderful suggestions which helped make my book so successful that I was a winner in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Top Ten Author Contest!

When Amie and I first started brainstorming ideas for my cover and layout design I felt like I had absolutely no idea what I wanted or how to give her direction, not to mention I did not even have the book title nailed down. Amie asked me tons of questions to better understand my vision for the book, and one of her very first designs was exactly what I ended up choosing. Amie helped me finalize the title, creatively incorporate my business logo throughout the book, and to really understand how I hoped to use my book in my beyond the book goals by tying in the cover design with my promotional items.”

Lorraine Miano
The Magic of Menopause
Services:  editing, cover design & interior layout

“Amie was a pleasure to work with. I came to her with an idea of what I wanted for my book, and she took it beyond what I ever expected it could be. She was not only extremely professional, but friendly and approachable as well. I have gotten so many compliments on the layout and cover design of my book. It is about Menopause, but I had a gentleman tell me that he saw it lying on a table, and the cover just drew his attention to it, that he had to pick it up and read a bit of it! He said it really caught his eye! I intend to work with Amie on my next book too!”

Christie Rosen
Empowering the Sensitive Soul
Services:  editing, cover design & interior layout

“Working with Amie from Promoting Natural Health was a wonderful experience. She took the time to really understand what I was looking for and was very receptive to any additions or changes I wanted to make on the cover and interior design. She was patient with me as I made decisions and always left me feeling supported and understood. She was eager to help and was a great motivator for me during the process. Best of all, I love how my book came out! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, detail oriented and talented designer.”

Petra Rakebrandt
Yin is the New Black
Services:  editing, cover design & interior layout

“Amie was wonderful to work with. Her ideas for my book cover amazed me and the amount of knowledgeable support surpassed my expectations. I can say that for the whole design process she was very patient in working with me. Also when I needed her, she always managed to get in touch as soon as possible. She is very professional, easy to work with and very responsive. My experience of the cover and the book interior design were fantastic, so I would highly recommend Amie to anyone looking for design services.”

Abby Mason
Passionate Wellness
Services:  editing, cover design & interior layout

“I am so very grateful to have found Promoting Natural Health to help bring the dream of my book to reality! I think that today, it is so hard to find someone, let alone a team, that will deliver such a hands on, personal and authentic approach to a job. Amanda and Amie have such amazing talent. They made me feel as though my book was the only project they were working on (I know they were juggling several). Their attention to detail and top notch communication skills were so invaluable throughout the process. I can not say enough about how important that was to me. Amanda, was so patient and supportive from beginning to end. She gave amazing advice to help me dig deeper inside myself to share more of my story. It was very clear that she truly cared about making my book the best it could be. Amie was such a gem to work with on the layout, illustrations, front and back cover and the littlest details inside to make my book unique. Amie has such a creative eye. She came up with so many ideas that I had not even thought of to make my book even better and more eye catching. She worked very hard to make each piece, every step of the way, align to my vision. I highly recommend this team of creative geniuses to anyone wanting to move their book from a file on their computer to a published book they can hold in their hands and share with others. I will use them again and again each time I have a new book idea! I could not be more satisfied!”

Diana Patton with Amanda Filippelli
Inspiration In My Shoes

Services:  ghost writing, cover design & interior layout

“I’m so glad that I found Promoting Natural Health to help me publish my book. Amanda and Amie were amazing. They are caring, respectful, professional, straight-forward, authentic and madly talented. They actually return your email. Surprising? I know, right! We live in a busy world where people think more of themselves than of others. My core value are integrity and responsibility. I like to treat people the way I want to be treated, with respect. If you like to live by that standard and have a crazy awesome product, you’ll want to work with Amie and Amanda for your editing/writing and book design needs. I’m so grateful to them.”

To Amanda – “The word “wow” is an understatement. Amanda is amazingly talented and caring. She’s a savant in the writing world. She just gets you. She digs in, patiently observes and loves unconditionally. She’s determined, focused and gets the job done. Seriously, my girl does NOT play. She’s in it to win it and is the REAL deal. I’m amazed at her abilities and am so blessed to have her hands in my book project. I’m certain that God brought us together and that we are destined for greatness beyond our book project to reach young women. If you want your editing and writing done by a professional that can rock out the best book of your life, you want Amanda!”


Katherine Larsen
You Can’t Hide Your Face

Services:  editing, cover design & interior layout

“Working with Amanda and Amie was wonderful! I finally found a team I could rely on completely to deliver the highest quality results. They took the time to understand my vision for the book and guided me every step of the way. Both of them went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with every part of the book, down to the tiniest details. They were patient, understanding, responsive and committed to my happiness. It was such a wonderful experience working with this highly talented team and I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Thank you for your huge contribution in making my dream a reality!”

Michael DeSanti
The Happiest Day

Services: editing and illustration re-touching

Blank book isolated over white
“Working with Promoting Natural Health was an amazing experience! They were able to keep the digital integrity of illustrations that were done 17 years ago. Their enthusiasm for publishing and what they do is contagious and they made the entire process fun and seamless. I can’t wait to work with them again!”



Joan Wipperfurth
Reaching Your Potential
Services: editing, cover design & interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“Working with Amanda and Amie at PNH made publishing a book so much easier. I’ve had a book in me for years but never had the confidence to put it into print. Writing a draft is such a small part of the whole process. Having professionals critique and help you with layout made all the difference between writing a amateur quality book vs. one that shows professionalism and literary quality.

This was the process that made it feel so much more manageable. I wrote my draft and submitted it to them. About a month later I received it back with lots of specific suggestions to improve the quality of the content. I re-wrote my book based on their suggestions and then re-submitted it for grammar content. I’ve yet to find a mistake after reading it several times. They also handled my book front and back cover. I gave them an idea for the look I wanted and they found the artwork.

They helped me to produce a “Top 10 Award Winning Book” that I can be proud of. I’d whole-heartedly recommend working with them to others, and would do so again myself.”



Linda Mitchell
The Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T.
Services: editing, cover design & interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“I was writing, writing and writing to get my project done by the deadline. I was at 40,000 words when I realized I needed to start tying it in down. Tying it down was the next 15,000 words. As a first-time author it was daunting when I came to the realization that besides writing there was a whole nother process to complete, the technical side. It was so nice just to be able to put this aspect in Amie and Amanda’s hands so I could relax and concentrate on the creative process. Having trained eyes to look over the content was a God-send. PNH is the complete package, from creating a beautiful unique cover, to laying out the book effectively and bringing your dream to fruition.”

Jordan Zangaro
Listen, Lucy.

Services: editing, cover design & interior layout

“Working with PNH, LLC has been beyond satisfying. Their professionalism and availability made a very nerve-wracking time as a first-time author that much easier to endure. They showed me the process, involved me in every decision, understood my concerns and handled me with compassion when I was feeling uneasy. They produced a beautiful book that is exactly what I wanted and they made my dream come true. I look forward to working with them again for my next publication.

Thanks so much for all you did to make this book a reality. It is amazing.”

Sue Brown

Services: cover design & interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“In this world of high tech, working with Amie and Lindsey is a welcome relief of “high touch.”

From Amie’s keen eye of all things trendy in design to Lindsey’s genius sense of all things cutting edge and successful in the book publishing industry, they’ve got your back from start from finish.

Nothing is too big (like their trip to a book store on a Saturday afternoon to persuade me to use a different layout) or too small (like the final missing hyphen on page 222) for their caring and scrutinizing eyes.

Deciding to put my book in their hands was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you want people who care — and not a self-publishing mill — then you need Promoting Natural Health on your side!

Thank you, team, for all that you did!”

Mary Caroline Craig
Breathe Believe Become

Services: cover design

Blank book isolated over white“Love sharing with other authors, who to go to for a personal touch by an amazingly talented team!

With a short amount of time they put together a beautiful and unique cover for my book. They listened and took my ideas along with the feel I was going for – not to mention their years of expertise – to make my cover stand out among many. That is definitely not an easy chore. I only wish I knew sooner that they could have done my layout and editing! My next book will have them doing it all. Amie & Lindsey were amazing.”

Alissa Glenn
Eat Happy

Services: cover design & interior layout

“With Amie and the Promoting Natural Health team was a great experience. Because they’re so intimately familiar with the world of holistic health I felt like they understood me very quickly and easily. They’re supportive, creative, and professional. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.”




Liz Palmieri-Coonley
Dragon Eyes

Services: interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“The ladies over at PNH Marketing are terrific. This was my first time publishing a book and it was wonderful to know that I was in the hands of successful authors. They have been through the process themselves and were able to let me know what to anticipate. I have heard some horror stories from other authors about working with editors, graphic designers, illustrators, etc. that had poor business practices. I feel so blessed to have worked with a team of individuals who genuinely cared about me and my project. It went so well that I have been inspired to start an entire series of children’s picture books. I am grateful for the role that PNH Marketing has played in my success thus far and look forward to partnering with them on many future successful projects.”

Jeniffer Legge
Be Well: 100 Ways to Heal

Services: cover design & interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“Working with PNH was a fantastic experience. Amie and Lindsey lent their professional brilliant input and inspiration in just the perfect way, while still allowing my own creative spark to shine. I had ideas of the cover I wanted and they pulled it off perfectly!
They are super quick and communicative and all the things I didn’t want to do (aka; the techie nitty gritty), they easily excelled at.”






Carol McCarthy
From Illness to Business

Services: cover layout & interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“I used Amie and Lindsey and PNH to take me from 0 to 100 for my book launch. To say I knew NOTHING about writing a book, designing a cover, layout, and editing, is an understatement. But with their help I was able to realize my dream of becoming an author. They helped me every step of the way without making me feel stupid or annoying. They are so passionate about wanting to help others spread their health message. I will be eternally grateful!”





Kamala Chambers
Road to Love

Services: cover design & interior layout

Blank book isolated over white“Writing a book is not easy. Once it’s done, there is still a seemingly infinite to-do-list to get it published. PNH (Amie and Lindsey) made launching my book as easy as could be. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and that my book was as beautiful as can be. I recommend PNH to all my budding and veteran author friends. This team knows how to make stuff happen quickly, professionally and beautifully.”





Lisa Jackson
Savvy Secrets

Services: interior layout

“Just as most of us need expert coaching support to keep us on track for transformational change, I knew I needed a coach to help me complete the book I felt compelled to write for three years and Amy and Lindsey were the perfect team. Amie made my book beautiful and Lindsey provided the structure and expertise. Thank you both!”