Go Beyond the Book

While browsing Amazon for a healthy Easter gift for my son, I came upon the books “Duck & Goose by Tad Hill”. I immediately fell in love! The Easter version that I spotted was not going to make it to us in time. So, my immediate next step was to find out if they offered more books with these cute looking characters. Searching “Duck and Goose” turned back a lot of books and a suprise! They also had matching stuffed animals! The illustrations made my want to hug this cute duo and now we could! I just had to contemplate whether or not my husband was going to get mad about my shopping spree and not appreciate how cute the stuffed animals are! I could hear it already, “he has enough”! But, reading with kids and having the characters would be lots of fun–plus the heads on the stuffed animals move! When it comes to women’s purchasing decisions, you just need to make them cute and irresistable and it’s sold!

This is another topic we will be hitting on plenty of times in the future. Today this example is to remind you to think Beyond the Book. Not only did I buy two “Duck & Goose” books, but I also bought the stuffed animals and have a eye on more books in the series. Especially the holiday books (nice touch Tad Hill).
Have you had any similar experiences?
Did you buy a book and then buy into other products or services?
Please share it with us!