Covers that Sell!

Remember–customers DO judge a book by their cover, which is why it is SO important to have a book cover that rocks!

Check out our latest webinar that gives you the top 5 tips to an Award-Winning cover so you can sell more copies, increase your expertise and feel really, really good about your masterpiece!

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Tip #1 – Images set the Mood & Tone of your Book. Don’t skimp!

Go High Quality:

  • Do a fun photo shoot with a Professional (or soon to be graduate) Photographer
  • Stock Photography: iStock, 123RF, etc… Make sure to read the license/policy
  • Illustrations: go with a Professional (or soon to be graduate)
  • Typography: purchase commercial fonts that fit your mood/tone (1-2 fonts max per cover)

Tip #2 – Never use cheap clip-art, web fonts, and be cautious with book templates

Cheap Clip-art – don’t look cheap. Be professional! Avoid all cheesy and free clip-art.

Web Fonts: Our Top 3 Fonts to Avoid: Comic Sans, Papyrus and Curlz

Book Templates: If you want to stand out and not have the same fonts and layout as other writers, go with a customized designed cover. It’s worth it and not much more! Just ask us!


Tip #3 – Always look at your design large & small

With online book stores like Amazon, you need to make sure your cover stands out! Make sure to look at your design as a thumbnail if you can’t discenr the image or read the text, then your readers won’t be able to, either.

Tip #4 – Take advantage of the back cover. It’s Prime Real Estate!

The front cover is the eye candy of your book and the next place readers typically check-out is the back cover. This is a great place to pull out awesome points about your book, what they will learn and a great place to introduce yourself. You are the expert! Use the space to share with them how awesome you are! Make sure to checkout the PDF/PP for some good examples.


Tip #5 – Marketing is Key!

Start thinking as you are writing about your marketing plan. Think Beyond the Book!
Think about how you can use your existing brand (your logo or company colors) to enhance your Book Cover and link your readers to the reality that you are the go-to expert in your field.

What other elements do you discuss in your book that you can turn into a product? T-shirt, stuffed animal characters (children’s book), private label a supplement, tea, yoga mat, etc…

Need help? We offer free consultations and great packages to help you with PR and Marketing. We can help you come up with a lot of ideas!