Client Spotlight: Heather K. Terry

‘Broadway to Wall Street: Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur

Do you like chocolate?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t? It gets rid of those pesky sugar cravings and is filled with healthy antioxidants.

Chocolate is Heather K. Terry’s business. She founded NibMor chocolate, which makes delicious, natural chocolate squares. Non-GMO, fair trade goodness. But Heather started her career on the stage, not in the kitchen, as a Broadway hopeful waiting for her big break. Heather shares the story of how she went from actress to owner of a small business in her debut book, “Broadway to Wall Street: Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur.”

When we met Heather, we were so impressed with not just her story, but the product as well! If you’re working with the founder of a chocolate company, of course you’re required to sample a few of the offerings. But Heather is much more than charm and chocolate. She’s a self-made entrepreneur with a taste for success and a lighthearted sense of humor.

Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, a major career change, or maybe just snacking on some amazing chocolate, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet advice that heather dishes out.